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Dream Formula Education

a student-centered education organization ran by educators.


Service for Students

enhance learning & support personal growth

Connect students with the best educators for the best education quality

great for private tutoring, after-school programs, training, & home schools

The quality of education we receive determines who we become and what our lives will be. Dream Formula Education connects students with best educators who provide high quality lessons and services that help students enjoy learning, build practical skills and knowledge, and support personal growth. While majority of schools and education companies are still stuck with a century-old education model that contains various problems, our educators provide lessons contain features of Education 3.0 and more to help students build a better self for a better future.

Unite, Support, Connect

a good educator can change a student's live



Service for Educators

make the world a better place through education

Unite the best educators, support them, and connect them with students

we welcome educators who aim to make positive impact on students through hard work

At Dream Formula Education, we strongly believe that the quality of educator is a crucial factor to students' personal success. That's why we unite the best educators from all over the world and build a educator community that allows them improve each others' work by sharing knowledge and experiences. Our members include professors and students from top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Oxford. To ensure students can find the educators who are able to make positive impacts on their lives, we not only carefully select educators for them but also help them evaluate  educator performances along learning.



Apply For Membership

In order to find the best educators, we care about educators' believes in education, why they want to become teachers, and their past experiences.

Maintain Membership

For continues improvement, educators regularly contribute in our educators community by conducting research, sharing teaching experiences and so on.

Better Education, Better Future

improve various aspects on education to achieve better results



How do we make students' everyday education education better?

In order to provide the best education quality possible, we not only learn from the most successful education systems and educators, but also focus on solving problems that currently exist in our public education system and private programs. In order to provide our students with a better education, we make efforts on improving various aspects in education such as team, resources, structure, and so on. Here are the factors that allow us to outperform regular private tutoring and training services.  

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Advanced Education Structure

We are fully funded and ran by educators. This allow us to say no to negative business and political influences and ensure every decision we make is beneficial for our students. 

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Stay Updated with Research

By collaborating with researchers from all over the world, we make sure that our educators are always equipped with the newest research results for their lessons.

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Smart Financial Structure

By hosting lessons at students' homes or online, we reduce our expenses and focus funding on students and educators.

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Educator Selection

We only work with educators who believe in the importance of education, who care about students' success, and who serve students with hard work.  

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Support to Educators

Our educator community provides various support to help educators with teaching. We also ensure educators are never underpaid and have enough funding to purchase any equipments for students.

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Broader Vision with Global Scale

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration and form a global education community to work with educators, students and parents to better understand education and serve our students.  

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Whole-child Approach

We help students become good citizens of today’s global world. We encourage students to make responsible decisions, feel empathy for others, and establish healthy relationships.

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Project-based Learning

In order to help students develop 21st century skills, our project-based learning provides our students with opportunities to learn and apply knowledge in real world scenarios.

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Mentoring for Extra Support

Our educators provide mentorship to support students' personal growth. They listen to students' stories, share life lessons, and make positive impact on students' lives.

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Personalized Education

We work closely with students and parents to build a comprehensive and manageable education plans and develop personalized curricula based on students' schedules, interests, and learning styles.

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Education Profile

We create personal education profiles to keep track of students learning journey for students and parents. The education data we collect with students also help educators to adjust lessons plans.

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24/7 Online Access

All course content, practice materials, notes, assignments are posted online, so that students can easily learn from anywhere and anytime. 

A Pathway to Success

support for your goals, dreams, & future




Our Goal

enhance learning & support personal growth  

Building a dream life and a successful future require so many different elements. Our role is to help students reach their full potential through an education that not only enhances their learning but also provides support for their personal growth. Our classes and services are designed to focus on the things that truly matter to students' success. We hope the differences we make in students' lives can lead our society to a better future.

A Global Education Ecosystem

learn, grow, & succeed together


Who We Are

communities built through collaborations with educators, students, and parents

Today countries are more connected than ever, and we expect people to live in a more open and diverse world. In order to achieve great education results, we work with educators, students, and parents from all over the world. As a community, we share diverse knowledge, experiences and stories with each other. This allows us to understand education better and create better lessons and services that generate a better outcome for global citizens.  


our members are from

🇺🇸 USA, 🇨🇳 China, 🇸🇪 Sweden, 🇨🇦 Canada, 🇰🇷 South Korea,  🇩🇪 Germany, 🇹🇼 Taiwan,  🇫🇷 France, 🇯🇵 Japan,  🇪🇸 Spain, 🇭🇰 Hong Kong, 🇳🇱 Netherland, 🇦🇺 Australia...